How to Minimize ATM Fees


No one wants to pay fees on their hard earned money. That’s why we’ve put together several tips on how to avoid paying ATM fees.

Horizon is proud to be part of the MoneyPass surcharge-free ATM network which has over 16,000 ATM’s coast to coast –and the network continues to grow. Since each and every MoneyPass ATM is surcharge-free, customers won’t worry about paying a fee to access their money. Simply look for the MoneyPass logo or go to  to find a MoneyPass ATM near you.

Horizon has also partnered with Family Express to offer Free ATM service at all Family Express locations. This partnership allows Horizon customers even greater access and convenience when needing an ATM. Visit for a comprehensive list of their locations In Indiana.

Here are some other tips on how to avoid ATM fees:

1) Take advantage of Debit Card benefits.
When you use your Debit Card to make in-store purchases, such as groceries, ask for cash back. It’s a convenient, easy way to avoid the need to use an ATM.

2) Use Horizon ATMs.
Horizon Bank has an extensive network of ATMs throughout the communities we serve. Plan to make cash withdrawals when you are near one of our locations. We will continue to provide no-fee service for transactions made at one of our ATMs. For a list of Horizon locations with ATMs, visit us online at or download our mobile app for easy access to locations near you.

3) Take out more cash. Plan ahead, and when you do go to the bank or the ATM, withdraw larger sums of money that you can use over a period of time.

4) Use other payment options.  Personal checks, debit and credit cards all offer convenient ­­­­­­­alternatives to using cash.  Setting up online bill pay also offers a safe and secure way for payments.

BONUS Tip: beware of using ATMs in convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, and similar locations as ­­­­many of these facilities charge higher transaction fees.