Horizon Launches Chip Technology to Protect Customers

May 17, 2016 11:18 AM

HZN_ChipGraphic_470x246_v2Horizon is adding an additional layer of security to its Debit cards to protect customers against fraud – a computer chip. The advanced security of the chip card will make it extremely difficult for fraudsters to counterfeit or copy the card. By July, Horizon estimates that 100% of our Debit cards will be chip enabled and ready for use.

We’re excited to be able to offer our customers new cards equipped with highly-secure chip technology. Our first priority is protecting our customers’ financial data from misuse – chip technology is just one more way to accomplish that.

The computer chip – a small, metallic square on the front of the card – assigns a one-time code making every transaction unique and the card more difficult to counterfeit or copy. The new cards will still have a magnetic stripe for cases where the merchant does not have an activated chip reader.

You need to dip the chip card to benefit from this new technology. If the merchant has a chip reader, be sure to use that instead of swiping your card for maximum security.

Using chip cards is simple and easy to learn.

  1. Insert your card into the chip-enabled terminal with the chip first, facing up.
  2. Leave the card in the terminal until the transaction is complete. You may be prompted to sign your name. Be sure to take your card at the end of the transaction.
  3. If there isn’t a chip-enabled terminal, use the card the traditional way and swipe.

Tiny chip. Big security. Learn more about chip card technology.