Horizon Bank Offers Support to Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries During the Covid-19 Crisis

June 24, 2020 10:32 AM

Horizon Bank, serving communities throughout Indiana and Michigan, pledged $270,000 in aid for those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Funds are being allocated across several not-for-profit groups who are working to assist affected individuals in the communities they serve. Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries was one of the beneficiaries of this aid and Horizon has donated $3,000 for their relief efforts.


With an 87-year history in Kalamazoo, KGM has continued to provide services throughout the crisis. The organization has been designated as an essential service by the State of Michigan.  Reaching an average of 200 people a day, Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries serves members of this community who are facing homelessness. KGM offers radical hospitality to people who are dealing with hunger, abuse, addiction, and homelessness. “We at KGM are so thankful for the recent donation from Horizon Bank. Support from Horizon Bank and other community partners has been critical in helping us continue to provide the much-needed services in support of our guests, not only during the recent Covid-19 crisis, but all year round,” states Pastor Michael L. Brown, President/CEO of Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries.


John Crandle, Market President of Kalamazoo agrees in the support of local organizations. “Supporting the Kalamazoo Gospel Mission was essential to help them continue to operate and serve the community by providing shelter, food, and essential hygiene products to those in need during Covid-19,” says Crandle.


Throughout the crisis, KGM has provided curbside meals for guests and anyone in the community who is hungry and in need of a meal. The ministry has followed recommendations set by the CDC, including diligence in cleaning surfaces and adhering to social distancing guidelines. As the State of Michigan begins to open back up, Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries is committed to providing the best possible care to those seeking their services.


About Kalamazoo Gospel Ministries
KGM has serves the community of Kalamazoo Michigan, offering radical hospitality in Jesus’ name to people who are dealing with hunger, homelessness, abuse, and addiction. They have never been more resolved to see individuals and families have their lives and relationships restored. They have combined with Kalamazoo Deacons Conference, their ability to offer a broader contingent of services to an increasing number of people has only been strengthened.


About Horizon Bank
Horizon Bancorp, Inc. is a locally owned, independent, commercial bank holding company serving Indiana and Michigan through its commercial banking subsidiary Horizon Bank. Horizon also offers mortgage-banking services throughout the Midwest. Horizon Bancorp may be reached online at www.horizonbank.com. Its common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol HBNC.

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