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Horizon Bank Awards Grant to Legacy Foundation

February 13, 2015 03:17 PM

The Legacy Foundation of Merrillville, Indiana, recently received grant funds in the amount of $5,000 from Horizon Bank. The grant award is part of the financial institution’s longstanding tradition of supporting the communities it serves.

Legacy Foundation is a community organization and a leading philanthropic partner serving all of Lake County, Indiana.  The foundation offers a variety of services, including helping donors plan how to invest and manage their charitable assets, as well as collaborating with local leaders to enhance community services. In addition, the group offers its own grants for Lake County non-profits, and awards scholarships for local high school and college students.

“We welcome Horizon Bank as a partner in transforming Lake County through our Neighborhood Spotlight program,” said Carolyn Saxton, Legacy Foundation President. This program takes a long-term, collaborative approach toward revitalizing communities throughout Lake County. The primary goal is to align neighborhoods’ own resources with both public and private financial support that can help bring about positive change.

Funds from the Horizon Bank grant will initially be used to educate communities and neighborhoods about the transformative opportunities available through the Legacy Foundation. Such educational programs run all year long, and are designed to help community leaders develop their applications for funding. In 2014, two communities received substantial financial support for professional planning assistance, and to hire people who could dedicate time to fulfilling the final plans.

Rob Gardiner, [title] of Horizon Bank said, “This type of initiative combines planned investment with experienced professionals led by people from the community who are devoted to making good things happen. Horizon wants the communities we serve to thrive, and we are privileged to work with the Legacy Foundation to help make that happen.”

About Legacy Foundation
Since 1992, the Legacy Foundation has been working to connect people and organizations with the resources they need. Over the years, Legacy has awarded nearly $30 million in grants and scholarships, and has helped more than 250 non-profit groups with initiatives and project funding. To become a donor, or to apply for scholarships and grants, visit www.legacyfdn.org.



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