Fraudulent Phone Scam Targeting Debit Card Users

April 21, 2014 08:24 AM

We've been made aware of a fraudulent phone scam that is calling local numbers and informing the person who answers that their debit card is compromised. 

How it works:

An automated dialer is programmed with a message informing the called recipients that their Horizon Bank debit card has been deactivated for security reasons and to Press 1 to activate the card.  When the consumer then hits 1, it will typically then ask them to enter in their credit/debit card information, which then allows the criminal on the back end of the dialer to use for fraudulent access to their account.

Please note, the bank will never call and ask for your account information.  If you've recieved a call like this and are concerned about the safety of your card, please contact us at 833-337-6075.

Remember, never give your account information out over the phone unless you've intiated the call and trust who you are speaking to on the phone.