Finding Scholarships that Fit


scholarshipIt’s National Scholarship Month! If you or one of your family members is planning to begin college in the next year, this is a good time to start looking into scholarships to help fund higher education. In fact, even current college students may be able to find new scholarship opportunities each year.

Why scholarships matter

The biggest benefit offered by scholarships, is that, unlike student loans, they do not need to be repaid.

Scholarships can vary in amounts, from hundreds to many thousands of dollars. And they’re offered by everyone from individuals who want to give a helping hand, to large corporations funding the educations of potential future employees.

But no matter what their size, scholarships can help keep out-of-pocket expenses and student loans to a minimum — and can even open doors to colleges you may have thought were out of reach.

Where to find scholarships

Scholarships are available for a wide variety of students and courses of study — with goals of promoting the arts, developing entrepreneurial talents, rewarding athletes, and more. Whether you’re an adult returning to school after years of work, or a high school senior preparing for your first year in college, chances are there’s an opportunity available to you.

Here are a few places online you can search and apply for a broad range of scholarships:

Current high school students should also talk to school counselors to see if any local or state scholarships may be available to reward academic performance, or to support particular courses of study.

Additionally, your chosen college or university will have a database of scholarship opportunities that are available for students in your major. But you may take the initiative to ensure that you’re being considered — so be sure to talk with your advisor for details during the registration process.

Start now

At this time of year, scholarship providers begin rolling out new details about scholarships for the next academic year. Because many have lengthy application and approval processes, it’s a good idea to start early. And remember, the competition for many scholarships can be tough — so apply for multiple opportunities, to improve your chances of obtaining valuable funds for your education.


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