Concerned about securing your financial future? Life insurance is an important solution

Why buy life insurance?
• To provide continuing income for your family members
• To pay off debts you leave behind
• To pay final expenses and taxes
• To provide an estate for your loved ones
• To leave money to charity
What to consider at different life stages:
Young adults
Life insurance rates are lowest at this stage — so start today and get your cost locked in.
Married without kids
Enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing either spouse could financially carry on.
Growing families
Protect against loss of income due to the death of a full-time worker — or against increased costs due to the death of a stay-at-home parent. Also, consider a need to miss work for a period of time to help children through the transition.
Advancing careers
Do you have an employer-sponsored life insurance plan? If you’re moving on to a newcareer your coverage will most likely end so you’ll need to have your own to replace it.
If you’re getting a divorce, you may need to adjust coverages and beneficiaries.
At this point, you likely have fewer people depending on you financially, so you may not need as much coverage. Although, you can get a policy to cover final expenses, to pay estate taxes, or to leave money to charity.
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