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Business Savings

Horizon Bank Business Savings is a simple and effective savings account solution for your business or organization. Smart business leaders can get the most out of surplus company funds by taking that idle money and placing it into an account that transforms excess funds into an opportunity for growth. Earn monthly interest on your liquid assets and watch as your Business Savings account becomes a crucial element to your financial growth.

  • Savings Account Eligible for All Businesses
  • Minimal Opening Balance1
  • Earn Monthly Interest based on your Average Balance2
  • Arrange Monthly Automatic Transfers from Horizon Checking Account3

1Minimum balance to open is $50.00
2$3 monthly service charge is assessed if minimum monthly ledger balance falls below $200.00 at any time during the month

3Transfers from a savings account to another account by preauthorized withdrawals, automatich debit, internet, or telephone transfers or by check, draft, debit card, or similar order to third party are limited to six per month

An excess activity fee of $2.50 will be charged for each "over the counter" withdrawal of three, or ATM withdrawals in excess of six during a calendar month.
Cash Deposits up to $10,000 each month are free for all business savings accounts; $0.18 per $100 deposited thereafter.
Cash Withdrawals up to $10,000 each month are free for all business savings accounts; $0.18 per $100 withdrawn thereafter.

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