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Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services at Horizon Bank

At Horizon Bank, we understand your unique financial needs from seasonal income restrictions to purchasing and maintaining heavy-duty equipment.  As a locally owned institution with large, in-house lending capabilities and a broad scope of services, we're prepared to work with you. And our lending experts have the knowledge needed to find the best, most sensible solutions for your specific needs.button_365-360-loan-calculator

Lines of Credit

This is a good solution to manage general operating expenses.

  • Crop and livestock expenses
  • Inventory and working capital loans 

Equipment loans

Basic installment loans, which are typically designed with one-to-ten year terms. Useful for major purchases and refinancing on items.

  • Machinery, irrigation Equipment & building vehicles
  • Breeding livestock
  • Grain bins & grain storage systems
  • Building repairs, tilling, conservation structures

Farm land loans

Real estate loans may be amortized for up to twenty years. These loans are commonly used for

  • Purchasing land, new building construction, existing building repair or remodel
  • Livestock facilities and grain storage systems
  • Tilling
  • Conservation structures

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