Benefits of Using eStatements


Enroll in eStatements for a chance to winIf you’re still getting your bank statements via snail mail, you may want to consider a switch to environmentally friendly digital versions. By going paperless, you can enjoy a variety of advantages. Here are our top 3:


  1. Convenience
    You’ll get an email alert every month, as soon as your latest statement is ready.  And, if you need to pull up an older statement, all deposit account statements are available starting with January, 2013's statement.  Statements will appear by date with a listing of most recent on top.  
  2. Reducing costs
    Your eStatements are free to you — and they save money all around, since there’s no need for postage, envelopes, printing, and paper. So the more our customers use them, the better Horizon Bank’s fees can remain on other services.
  3. Security
    All of your eStatements are encrypted to ensure that your confidential information is protected.

With eStatements, you’ll experience easier, faster access whenever you need it — all while keeping your paper stash much smaller at home.

Click here to watch our how to video, and to download our printable eStatement guide.

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