Benefits of Automatic Payments



These days, you can do just about anything online. It’s no wonder we provide online banking and recommend using automatic payment services. These services streamline the payment process, making it quicker and easier to handle your finances. Take a look at some of the advantages of automatic payments:


The automatic payment system allows you to pay your bills in the safety of your own home and secure log-in procedures protect your identity and financial information. Since no paper statements are required, this eliminates one source thieves could use in identity theft.


With just a few clicks, you can access balance and transaction information, initiate transactions and perform other tasks without ever leaving your home.Paperless billing through Horizon Bank eStatements will also eliminate your paper trail and save you the hassle of extra visits to the bank and paperwork. Online bill pay is a quick and ‘green’ way to get the job done efficiently.


It’s easy to forget the due dates of your bill payments, but with online bill payyou can set reminders to alert you to approaching due dates and can organize your payments around each other.

A Complete User-Friendly Experience

In addition to easy management of your regular transactions and cash flow, you have automatic electronic records of every payment. If there’s an error or dispute with a payment, you can easily log into your account and see the exact date and amount that was paid. You’ll also be quickly notified of any frauds or imposters as you will be notified each time a transaction takes place.

For more information on our online payment services, give us a call at 888-873-2640. We’d be happy to walk you through the process so you can start reaping the benefits of automatic bill pay today.