Agricultural Loan Options for Your Business


Ag1If you’re in the business of agriculture, you know there are constant financial demands. From crop storage requirements to expansion of property and investments in high-tech machinery, you’re always working to make improvements.


That’s why Horizon Bank is devoted to serving agricultural businesses throughout our communities. We have the flexibility to tailor solutions for your needs. For instance:


Lines of Credit

Get access to the money you need, when you need it. A line of credit helps you manage changing and ongoing costs of doing business. Use it for things like:

  • Crop purchases
  • Livestock expenses
  • Inventory and working capital

Term Loans

A simple, straightforward loan with flexible terms that give you up to ten years to pay off, so you can take care of large, one-time purchases like:

  • Heavy machinery
  • Breeding livestock
  •  Vehicles for work
  •  Irrigation equipment
  • Grain storage systems
    …and more

Real Estate Loans

Have an opportunity to expand your property, or take on a new construction? Our real estate loans provide the funding you need. Use them to purchase land, construct or remodel buildings, and more.


Contact an Advisor in the Ag Team 888-873-2640 to let us know how we can serve your agricultural business. Or stop by your local Horizon Bank branch to discuss your needs and goals.