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Cybersecurity During Recent World Events

person holding credit card and phone working on computer

Due to the recent events around the world here’s what you need to know right now when it comes to cybersecurity and banking.

Banks are the gold standard for safeguarding money.
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. insures checking accounts, savings accounts, money market deposit accounts and certificates of deposit up to $250,000 per depositor. Not one penny has ever been lost in an FDIC-insured account.

Horizon takes stringent precautions to protect against cyberthreats.We, as well as all banks make cybersecurity a top priority. And, banks have the highest level of security among critical U.S. industries – including energy and telecommunications – and follow strict regulatory requirements.

You’re our most valuable asset.
The banking industry is committed to its longstanding tradition of safeguarding confidential financial information. When a customer is the victim of an unauthorized transaction or account hack, we work with the customer to cover the loss and enact measures to protect the account.

Take steps to improve your security now.
For peace of mind, check your accounts often. Also, take advantage of multifactor authentication when using a phone or computer to check accounts. Sign up for text or email alerts to warn you of suspicious activity. If you suspect fraud, contact your bank immediately.

Banks are resilient and have a proven track record of emergency preparedness and disaster recovery.
Horizon Bank has been in operation for 149 years and we have survived in excess of 25 economic calamities, including the great recession and great depression; and three flu pandemics that occurred in 1918, 1957 and 1969. Lessons have been learned from previous threats and cyber exercises have strengthened the banking industry’s ability to prepare for and minimize cyberattack disruption. 



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