10 Ways to Protect Your Mobile Data

Protect your mobile data.
Protect your mobile data.


Your mobile device provides convenient access to your email, bank and social media accounts. Unfortunately, it can potentially provide the same convenient access for criminals.

Horizon Bank recommends following these tips to keep your information and your money – safe.

1. Use the passcode lock or finger print scanner on your smartphone and other devices.This will make it more difficult for thieves to access your information if your device is lost or stolen.

2. Log out completely when you finish a mobile banking session. Don’t stay permanently signed in to any accounts.

3. Install mobile security software. Protect your phone from viruses and malicious software, or malware, just like you do for your computer.

4. Use caution when downloading apps. Apps can contain malicious software, worms, and viruses. Check the app ratings & reviews first.

5. Update. Updating your mobile apps provides fixes for anything broken, improves performance and patches security holes.

6. Don’t store sensitive information like passwords or a social security number on your mobile device. Delete text messages or emails with personal information.

7. Be cautious using public Wi Fi. Be sure to use sites that are fully encrypted.

8. Lost your device? Change your passwords as soon as you can. Also, some software allows you to wipe your device remotely if it is lost or stolen.

9. Wipe (delete) your mobile device before you donate, sell or trade it using specialized software or using the manufacturer’s recommended technique.

10. Report any suspected fraud to your bank immediately.  Download our Horizon mobile app to monitor and manage your banking needs anytime, anywhere.