Banks in Michigan & Indiana: Benefits of Banking Locally


With all the big banks out there, why would you choose a community bank to set up an account, hold a mortgage, or manage your investments? The benefits are numerous. Community banks not only care about you and where you live, but they also offer a range of benefits, including the following:

The one thing you will notice about a community bank is that they really get to know you. Smaller banks have less staff turnover, so you will see a friendly face every time you enter. In a world where most banks identify you by your account number, the personal connection makes a difference.

Geographic Focus
Community banks know what is going on in your town, and are able to offer customized accounts, loans, and incentives that match your needs. National banks think on a national level, so they may be less interested in the needs of the businesses and individuals.

Stay in the Community
We all know banks make money by taking our deposits and lending them to others. What sets community banks apart is that they lend the money in your community, to help your economy. Meanwhile, national banks focus on large corporations and overseas investments.

One-on-One Service
Have you ever had to apply for a loan or mortgage, and had to do it over the phone? Was the person you talked to even in your state or country? Probably not. Community banks have loan officers and mortgage consultants that work in your area, so you can have face-to-face, individualized service instead of feeling like you are at the loan “drive-thru.”

Rather than following a “lending formula,” community banks take a look at the whole picture when considering your loan or mortgage application. This flexibility means that many borrowers can get more favorable lending terms with their local bank than with a national chain.

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