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Financial Basics for Millennials

As a young adult, you already know your financial choices are important. Millennials (born between 1981 and 1997) face a tight job market, big student loans, and more. To minimize stress and achieve your personal goals, responsible decision-making is critical.


How to Minimize ATM Fees

No one wants to pay fees on their hard earned money. We’ve put together several tips on how to avoid paying ATM fees. Tip: beware of getting charged extra fees when you use ATMs in convenience stores, hotels, and restaurants.


Financial Traps New College Graduates Should Avoid

As college students across the nation graduate and start their careers, financial responsibility should be a top priority. We have identified six traps that could hinder new college graduates from securing their financial future.


The Earned Income Tax Credit: What You Need to Know

Horizon wants to ensure that workers across the country know about the advantages of this tax credit. We want to make sure you’re aware of this opportunity to get money back from the government when you do your taxes this year.


Finding Scholarships that Fit

If you or one of your family members is planning to begin college in the next year, this is a good time to start looking into scholarships to help fund higher education.


8 Banking Tips Millennials Need to Know

As millennials juggle a multitude of responsibilities -- from school, to work, to planning for major life events --the American Bankers Association is highlighting eight banking tips to help them secure a financially sound future.


College Savings Mistakes

With a new school year underway, many parents of youngsters are looking ahead to the future — to a year when autumn will bring the start of college. And to the concerns about paying for an advanced education once their kids complete high school.


How to Talk to Your Kids About Money

The best financial lessons are part of everyday experience. Look for opportunities to talk to your children about money.


6 Money Mistakes Newlyweds Should Avoid

Summer wedding season is in full swing and newlyweds will soon be managing their finances as a pair. Horizon is encouraging couples to waste no time addressing how they will handle money issues as spouses and financial partners.


Benefits of Using eStatements

If you’re still getting your bank statements via snail mail, you may want to consider a switch to environmentally friendly digital versions. By going paperless, you can enjoy a variety of advantages.


Charitable Giving Tips

To recognize National Make a Difference for Children Month, we’ve put together some tips on how to become an informed charitable giver.


Horizon Raises Awareness for National Consumer Protection Week

In recognition of National Consumer Protection Week, Horizon is partnering with the American Bankers Association to highlight personal finance resources and urge customers to take an active role in managing and protecting their money.


Reduce Your Stress This Tax Season

Maximize your refund! Here is a list of some common pitfalls from the IRS. Avoiding these can reduce the likelihood of an audit.


Take advantage of our mobile banking. Get the app.

When you’re constantly on the run, you need convenient financial management capabilities. Get Horizon's App.


Education Tax Credits and Deductions

Trying to manage college bills and student loan payments? You may be able to find some relief when you file your taxes this year.


New Year’s Savings Resolutions

January is here and we all want a fresh start at something. Eat a little better? Check. Get more exercise? Check. But what about your financial health? We encourage you to make 2018 the year in which you achieve your financial goals!


What’s best: paying off debt or saving for retirement?

If you have debt, you’ve probably heard time and time again how important it is to pay it off. Yet you may also be hoping to save money for your future.


Personal Finance Tips: Creating a Cash Cushion

Follow these personal finance tips to see how you can begin to create a cash cushion in case of emergency.​


Credit Score: Your Financial GPA

GPA is an acronym for grade point average, which represents of your overall academic performance. You probably know your GPA, or at least are familiar with the term from report cards and college applications. But did you know that your credit score is like a financial GPA?


Benefits of Automatic Payments

These days, you can do just about anything online. It’s no wonder we provide online banking and recommend using automatic payment services. These services streamline the payment process, making it quicker and easier to handle your finances. Take a look at some of the advantages of automatic payments:​

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6 Money Saving Tips for College Students

A list of six simple, quick, and effective ways you can cut back and start saving today from Horizon Bank!


Advantages of using the Horizon Bank MasterCard Debit Card-including our new Debit Rewards Program

If you’re not already using your Horizon Bank MasterCard® Debit card for most or all of your purchases, here are some practical reasons why you should...including our new Debit Rewards Program!


Credit Score Basics

Interesting in learning more about how to maintain good credit, and start repairing bad credit? Continue reading!

Saving money
Saving Money

Teaching Your Teen about Money

Your teen is becoming more independent, but still needs plenty of advice from you. With more money to spend and more opportunities to spend it, your teen can easily get into financial trouble.


Addressing & Improving Your Credit Score

Determining your credit situation begins with checking your credit report. Once a year, you can request a free copy of your credit report. Look it over thoroughly, checking for any potential errors.


How Much Money Should Be in Your Emergency Fund?

No one wants to find themselves in a sticky financial situation. It’s important to have that little extra padding in your checking account, but when you really want a new smartphone or a nice vacation, it's tempting to take some of that padding out.


Budget Creating 101

Building a budget, especially when dealing with multiple credit/debt/income sources, can seem like an uphill battle. Don’t fret! Minor planning can go a long way, and we’re here to help you get started.​


Add convenience to your everyday banking with a ATM/Debit Card

Horizon Bank is a member of the MoneyPass network of ATMs giving you access to thousands of ATMs - all are surcharge-free. This means as long as you use a MoneyPass ATM you will not be charged an added fee for using another bank's ATM.


6 Ways to get out of Debt

Getting out of debt is not always an easy task. If you have a sizable amount of debt, it’s likely that just making one small adjustment isn’t going to get rid of it completely. Often a combination of several approaches is needed to make significant progress toward being debt-free. Here are some great ways to help you get out of debt that you can often combine for greater effect.

Results: 29 Articles found.

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