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Making Sensible Decisions: Paying Off Debt vs. Saving for Retirement

Trying to decide whether you should pay off some bills, or set aside more savings for your retirement? You’re not alone.


IRAs: What You Need to Know

As you’re going through tax documents for the past year, you may be wondering how you could benefit by making more investments in the future.


Risk Management and Your Retirement Savings Plan

A well-rounded approach to retirement planning will help ensure that you have money to last the rest of your life. But every investment involves risk


Charitable Giving

If you have the means to give charitably, your good deed can pay you back with special tax incentives. Donations can result in a tax deduction, help you avoid capital gains taxes, and minimize estate taxes after your death.


Estate Planning Documents You Need

Do you have your estate in order? Whatever your age, financial status, or health, there are a few key documents that are important to have in place.


Holding Equities for the Long Term: Time Versus Timing

That’s tough for many of us — particularly when stocks do tumble for an extended period. But what does “long term” investing really mean?


Life Insurance Riders that Pay for Long-Term Care

When you’re planning for the future, life insurance and long-term care will usually come to mind.


Four Things Women Need to Know about Social Security

Many women don’t know enough about it. So we’ve put together answers to a few common questions.


IMAGINE a view of the future.

You probably have big dreams for your future. Read on why financial planning is Important.

Results: 21 Articles found.