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Do you have big items on your wish list?  Get exactly what you want this holiday season and we'll give you 90 days until your first payment* 

Great rates and a fast response from us, often getting the cash you need on the same business day, will put more power in your corner when you visit the dealer.**


*90 days until first payment offered on loans for auto, recreational vehicles, boats and personal watercraft. Interest continues to accrue during 3 month promotional period. Offer expires 2/28/18.

**This applies to consumer loan applications submitted in person, via phone or online taken Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00AM – 3PM CST (9AM – 4PM EST) excluding Holidays.  Applications are considered ‘submitted’ once the application is uploaded to the bank’s electronic loan processing system (or input by applicant online).  An electronic time stamp is placed upon application for tracking purposes as soon as it is submitted.

All normal underwriting standards will apply to each loan request and if an approval is given, it may be conditional and subject to additional information needed prior to final approval of the loan request.  Real estate secured loans are not included; however, a preliminary decision will be rendered.  Not valid for commercial applications, preapproval applications or for self-employed borrowers where tax returns may be required.

All required/requested applicable documents must be received at time of application:

  • Verification of Income
  • Bill of Sale signed by buyer(s) & seller(s)
  • Title/registration Value of vehicle to be purchased/refinanced (NADA value)
  • Copies of all recent statements/debts to be paid in full

If the loan is approved and the loan isn't funded (closed) within the same day of the submission of the application, the Bank will credit $120 towards the closing costs of the final loan.  In the case of a loan that may not have closing costs associated, the recipient of the loan will receive a $120 Visa gift card at the time of closing.  For tax reporting purposes, a 1099 MISC form may be issued for the value of the Visa gift card and is the sole responsibility of the recipient for tax reporting purposes.

Loan guarantee offer is for loans with Horizon Bank, subject to change without notice, and may be discontinued at the Bank’s sole discretion.

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